WTB - Hobart Mi16 parts
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    Default WTB - Hobart Mi16 parts

    Hey Guy's

    Before the big crash of 10/10 I had posted some WTB bits for the 405 I picked up recently and had a couple of reply's which have obviously gone.. so I'll post again


    Im after a bonnet & grill for a series 1 Mi16

    There were other parts I was originally chasing, but I managed to get a few, + I have decided to turn this one into a track car, so won't really be needing to fix up broken interior trim etc...

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    Default Mi16 Bits


    I am wrecking a S1 1991 Mi16 which was written off in a rear ender. I have the following parts for sale which might be of some interest for your track car:
    Koni Yellow adjustable shockers front and rear
    2.5 inch stainless steel exhaust with hi flow cat and JunBL muffler
    17 inch ATP alloy wheels with new Kumho tyres
    Eibach 35mm Lowered Front Springs

    I have all panels available (maroon duco) except the rear panel which took the brunt of the accident.

    Contact via PM if you are interested in any of these parts, i'm keen to get this car stripped and out of my carport so i'm happy to do a package deal!!



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