Hi all,

A member suggested I place the thread in the Spares Dept. in case some new members can't reply.


There is an Alpine A310 for sale in NZ. I had a look at the car on behalf of the seller.
The motor turns over and all internal dash parts that you may think is missing in the pictures is in the garage in storage. I could not get a good allround picture due to lack of space but according to me the car is very restorable either for a race/rally car or street car.

The only spares that I could see that needs attention is the engine (bonnet, not in pictures) cover. It is a self made one and I would replace it. The front headlight compartment glass cover is missing.

It would be nice if you can comment on this and suggest a price even if you are not buying it then we can get an idea of the value because we have nothing in NZ to compare it with.

If anybody is interested they can PM me and I will forward the owners adres if you wish or I will try and answer some questions.