Wtb-French r12 starter motors=cheap!
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    Default Wtb-French r12 starter motors=cheap!

    Hi folks,
    I need as many as possible RENAULT 12 = NON-BOSCH Starter Motors as possible?

    PARIS RHONE &/or DUCELLIER are what I am chasing as the BOSCH ones are way too BIG!

    I do not care whether they are working or not but MUST be priced appropriately depending on condition.

    As I will be driving R12s till I die, I cannot have too many spare STARTER MOTORS!

    After my most recent replacement on the ground with a BOSCH.. I NEVER wanna do that again!


    The PARIS RHONE Starter motor " just slipped in like Flynn ! ".

    All PMs will be replied to & many thanks, Mark
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