Power series 400a4 amp, 4 x 50wrms @ 4 ohm
Asking $700neg

Power series 800a2 amp, 2 x 200wrms @ 4 ohm
Asking $900neg

And 2 x 15" HE2 subs rated at 400wrms
Asking $440neg for both

Pretty sure they're the power series amps.
They're not the new series but the older (better) ones.
Have been in my car for about 2 years, rarely used to their potential, mainly just for daily driving and not much show use.

Located in Melbourne.

If interested PM or reply and we can go from there with price.
Only found one pic:


<img src="http://www.hi-speed.dk/Galleri/Andreas405_3.jpg" alt=" - " />

Also note that the amps only have one end cover each and are connected with a punch link in the middle.
If you buy both you wont have a problem.