Looking for parts for pug 505, as said above if you have any of these get in touch with me and ill pay shipping and hopefully give you a nice chunk of change. When referring to this ad tell me your price in AUS OR AMERICAN! =) So not to have any confusion.


1. "EuroStyle" Head Lamps - Clear Plastic not the crappy yellowy (need a pair maybe more if you got um)
2. Blue floormats fitted to pug 505
3. Any visual stylings, IE side skirts front skirts rear spoiler etc. (i think a turbo spoiler will work too but can nayone verify this?)
4. Alloys -Rims ( any size really i musing cruddy hubs right now) whatever you want to call them. Anything where tires will not be a TO much of a problem to aquire for them. I can pay handsomely (hopefully) for a full set So tell me what you got these are high priority =)

Thank you very much for your time
Ill check this post daily and also check my e-mail about amillion times a day and reply promptly so send your lists with prices to [email protected] or post them here.