R17 pistons
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Thread: R17 pistons

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    R17 pistons

    Hey everyone,

    I am after any possible contacts for new pistons and liners for the high compression pistons for a 1565cc (code 807-10) motor for a Renault 17. We have tried renault NZ- got laughed out of the place not surprisingly...


    Have also tried Iberparts- with no success- any one got any ideas where we can try next? if we don't have ny luck with this we'll try some forged ones from a company in NZ. Any help would be appreciated.

    cheers Ben

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    Mahle still do the high compression 1565cc set for the early 17TS/12G, that is obtainable from any decent parts outlet that stocks Mahle or Euro engine parts.

    Otherwise, there is MecaParts in France.

    <a href="http://www.mecaparts.com" target="_blank">www.mecaparts.com</a>

    There you can get a number of different kits for the 15/17 block.

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