Here's another e-mail I received today from France. This guy is a red hot Citnut in particular 2CV's but he is apparently getting rid of SM bits.
Anyone wanting these (Peter McLoud for example) should contact him ASAP before they hit e-bay as he's apparently keen to sell.


Alan S

Quantity of SM parts, all new, mostly small, still in sealed packets bearing
part numbers will be listed on ebay over the next few weeks. We have a space
problem, not a money problem, so, starting prices will be low and there will
be no reserves. We respect SMs but have no need for the parts. They are
surplus to requirements. The main thing is to find good homes for some very
rare bits or they all go to the tip. All small and light so can be posted
anywhere at cost. Should start getting them on ebay on Monday 8th April.

Have today listed on ebay some Service Guides for A Series and D Series. We
have just acquired about one hundred of these for various models and they
will all be listed on ebay over the next few weeks.

regards, alan
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