DS Main Hydraulic Line Wanted
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    DS Main Hydraulic Line Wanted


    I am looking for a main hydraulic line (runs from the hydraulic accumulator to the hydrualic pump) to fit a 74 D Special. My mechanic told me that this part (don't have a part number) is compatible across all DS models.

    The old tube fatigued at a point along the seam (the original citroen hydrualic lines were seam welded) and proceeded to squirt LHM onto the fan! A shop in Queensland apparently has a contact in England who rolls aircraft grade (7XXX) aluminium alloy and then crimps the ends of the tube.

    The temporary solution has involved using 1/4" steel hydraulic tube (from ENZED) and Swagelock fittings. My mechanic utilised an adapter fitting that connected the original hydraulic fitting at the pump and accumulator to a 1/4" swagelock fitting. This was a first and Im crossing my fingers that the fix will last until I can get my hands onto a good replacement part.

    Can anybody suggest alternative techniques for completing the connection betweeb the pump and accumulator (50000pSI pulsing pressure)? I can be contacted at [email protected] Thanks in advance for any advice and help.


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    [quote] (50000pSI pulsing pressure)? <hr></blockquote>
    are you sure this pressure is right ?
    i can't see it myself
    or do you mean 5000PSi ?
    you will find that pirtek (better then enzed) will have better quality pipe and or hose than the original cit part
    is there any real reason why you need pipe there ?
    you could use 2 or maybe 3 wire hose that will handle 5000PSi with ease and you can guarantee it will last a long time
    plus the parts doing it through them will be cheaper than a genuine part
    i have used pirtek (not bad when i have a mate in the business) hoses for power steering and A/C hoses and once i put them on i have never needed to replace them and they are so much cheaper even at non-mates rates than the original part
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    5000psi - my mistake.

    The method of sealing requires that the tube be flared about 15mm from either end. The small dimple acts as a seat for the seal which would you believe is a short bit of rubber tube. There's an internet site which has a tech drawing of the assembly. COnsequently, the tube needs to be highly rigid (not deform) to keep this flare. I'd like to look into using SS but until I see what material the original parts were made from I don't want to make any bold decisions.

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