R4 later model rear axle and torsion bars WTB
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    Default R4 later model rear axle and torsion bars WTB

    Probably trying for a longshot here.


    I'm looking for a rear axle and torsion bars for a post 1967 MY R4 or R6, the later splined torsion bar type.

    I'm being lazy and want to change it over for the earlier old anchor lever rear end to get my long forgotten R4 van back on the road. Setting the ride height on the early setup is just a real pain, not to mention the hassle of replacing the rubber bushes.....

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    Icon2 Late R4 rear end

    Hi Simon.
    I have a 1976 R6 parts car with disk brake front end.
    You could buy the lot for $450 and really up date your van.
    Regards, Nick.

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