F/S: new 3HP22 transmission for 505 XN6
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    Default F/S: new 3HP22 transmission for 505 XN6

    Brand spanking new! Can't be too many of these left around the world? Still has the factory plugs and torque converter retainer fitted. Comes with new reverse/inhibitor switch, kickdown cable, seals, and is filled with ATF. The transmission is configured for the XN6 engine (bell housing, torque converter).

    I imported two of these from England - one of which is now installed in my 505 SLi wagon. Was cheaper for me to import and install myself rather than have my old one rebuilt. I thought it was a waste to only import one when a second one became available (the majority of the purchase price was freight)!

    I am asking $950 (covers my costs - that's all). Pretty cheap if you are currently considering spending $1800+ to have your transmission reconditioned.


    Cheers, Todd (Adelaide, South Australia)
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    1986 505 SLi wagon (XN6; 3HP22; silver)
    1984 505 STI sedan (ZDJK; 3HP22; silver light blue)

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