R20 TS Parts wanted
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    Default R20 TS Parts wanted

    Spawned in the year of eighty one,
    My TS Twenty's race is run.
    Inexorable fatigue laws,
    Have brought about her metalpause,
    And petrolly acquired disease
    Has wrecked her carburretor. Please,
    If you can, with surgery
    Enable it once more to pee.
    Her Weber Dara carburretor
    Has seen better days, much better;
    Her spirit had become anaemic,
    All her arteries ischaemic,
    All the membranes in her pumps,
    Scarified with plastic mumps
    Cracked and punctured, torn and split,
    Caked with immemorial shit!
    Just as bad as it could get,
    Damn thing just won't carburret!

    But, the wretched spare part traders,
    Greedier than corporate raiders -
    Every goddam thing that's sold,
    Costs more than its weight in gold.
    I am in my ninth decade,
    Pensioner Vet and nerves all frayed
    With worries of financial sort;
    Those bloody spare parts can't be bought
    At prices that the dealers charge -
    Mechanic buccaneers at large!
    So, fellow-frogs beneficent
    Who would to loftier swamps be sent -
    Those inundations in the sky
    Where saintly frogs go when they die
    Where Pop, the Tadpole and the Spooklet
    Write your record in their booklet.
    Good deeds earn celestial rating,
    Sinners on thin ice are skating -
    Deeper, deeper still they're cast,
    Falling into hell at last.
    There, demon ducks with bloody beaks,
    The sinful frog pinches and tweaks.
    He's at the same time barbecued
    Too late, alas, those sins are rued!

    The saintly soul is otherwise,
    In heaven the good frog never dies,
    For in ancestral bogs, a sage
    Did once a prophecy presage;
    The martyred frog on Queensland's roads
    (This won't apply to squashed cane-toads)
    Shall into paradise be drawn,
    Progenitor of holy spawn!
    There, every worthy froggy bloke
    Shall find a rich reward, post-croak;
    For two and seventy froglets fair,
    He'll tak tae spouse frae evermair,
    Eternity he'll spend in spasm
    On spasm of ecstacised orgasm!

    So, now, you charitable frogs,
    Whose sheds are reared in swamps and bogs,
    Open their doors and look inside;
    Perchance, for me, you can provide
    At modest cost, the bits I need
    Without recourse to traders' greed -
    Those stalks that terminate in plastic,
    Whose price, bought new, is quite fantastic.
    Those little squares and small triangles,
    Now a mess of plastic tangles,
    I must now replace, perforce,
    And to shops have no recourse.
    Weber's intricate design
    Needs more skillful hands than mine,
    But I'll have to do my best,
    And trust to luck for all the rest.


    Dara 32 three-four
    Blest shall ye be for evermore!
    Sons of the swamp, come to my aid,
    Who am, by Time and Cost betray'd!


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    Are you after someone to help rebuild the Weber for you?
    Have you obtained a rebuild kit yet?

    Secondly, is the carb actually in good enough condition to rebuild?
    If not possibly a weber 34ADM from an old XE Falcon would be the go. Excellent carbie when fitted to a Peugeot 505 wagon as mentioned here.
    and yet another improvement......

    Having owned both R20s and Pug 505's I would have an educated guess and say the 34adm would suit the R20 well.
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    R20TS x 3
    R18 GTS wagon x 2

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    Default R20 Darra carby

    Hi Katak, if you are chasing a Darra carburettor, i have a series 2 Ren 20.. have a whole car here was hoping to sell it as a whole unit..lots of good stuff on it...if u want the carby off this one...let me know, i can do that..it should be fine...as i replaced it some time ago, with another one...which was a tad loose in the butterfly shaft..it will fit your Ren 20, however you may just need the butterfly shaft rebushed...all the best with it...stevay

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