Following items for sale in NZ due to another purchaser piking out

Renault 18 turbo gear including;

turbo- Garrett T3 disassembled but no play in bearings

exhaust manifold

inlet manifold

single choke solex carburettor

oil catch tank and bracket to bolt to the std 1600cc renault head

turbo oil lines to and from the block

std r18 turbo distributor

All you would really need is an aftermarket computer and intercooler and you would be in business....


I am after around $700 for the lot. If people are interested hear I may be able to post an auction on a website. Have pics of most of the parts if people are interested.
Great power up for an R16/r17/18 if you have one!!

I was gonna hold on to these parts, but now that I have disassembled half a motor to do it and have a build on an R17 going I have to fund it somehow!!

Regards Ben