WTD 306 Cab F/Windscreen Rubber Seal
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    Default WTD 306 Cab F/Windscreen Rubber Seal

    I am looking for a a front windscreen rubber seal (weatherstrip) for a 306 Cabriolet. I priced one from the perth agent agent and it comes in at a whopping 1015AUD ex Sydney. Does anyone have one to sell or know of an aftermarket alternative that is more affordable?

    Come to think of it, does anyone know why they are so expensive?

    I am also after these items for the same 1997 306 :-
    1. Front drivers side door mounted window switch
    2. Aerial mast for the electronic aerial
    3. A replacement tweeter that fits the existing interior rear left panel
    4. A boot lid seal (Rubber)


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    I used to work at Restorers Hotline/ Rare Spares in S.A., they are distributors for R.S.A. (rubber seals Australia), If you show them what it looks like or better yet get a sample, they might be able help.

    $1,000 odd thats daylight robery just for a bit of rubber!

    Think there is a R.S.A. outlet or restorers hotline in Perth also.

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