Renault 17 headlights
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    Icon14 Renault 17 headlights

    does anyone know were i could get a set of 4 headlights for a renault 17 and a bonnet, any info would be appriecated thanks.


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    For headlights, those fitted to an R4 would do. The “proper” 17 headlights are the same as those fitted to the 1960’s and 70’s R4’s, these have a Valeo part number of 061667, and have fittings for the P45T base globes. The later R4GTL’s, Clan’s etc have a different pattern glass, but the fittings are the same. Check also that any R4 light that you buy is for RHD, the Valeo number referred to above has the adjustment slide to tilt the globe to suit both RHD & LHD roads.

    To check if a headlight is RHD or LHD, there is an arrow under the E mark on the lens (talking Cibie lenses here) If the arrow points both ways, it is suitable for LHD or RHD, if it only points to your right arm (when you are facing the lens) it will be RHD only, if it points to your left arm, it is a LHD lens only.

    Alternatively, there is the Cibie 5.75” headlight that is fitted to the Lotus Elise, these fit the later H4 base globes, but also have a fitting for a parking light in the reflector, which the 17 doesn’t have, so some work may be required to make them fit.

    Pic of Elise headlight attached.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Renault 17 headlights-elise.jpeg  
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