405 Autotransmission
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    Default 405 Autotransmission

    Looking for a 405 Automatic Transmission - I think ZF 4hp 14q - within reasonable pick/up delivery to Canberra (able to collect from Melbourne at a pinch) to suit 1989 Pug.


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    Good luck with this one...

    These are the same Auto as used on the Citroen BX (and a few other Europeans of the late 80's I'm told).... and you'll find many a good 405 and BX scrapped because of a failed auto.

    Have you considered a 5speed transplant... ??

    Plenty of wrecked donor cars around with good bits...

    A rebuilt ZF 4hp will set you back anywhere between $2,5k and $4,5k depending on what's wrong with it.

    I had the same problem more than a few months ago now with my BX and basically spent all day on the phone to the few specialist wreckers that handle these until I found one that had been recently rebuilt WITH RECEIPTS in a car that had been written off... buit the whole thing took four weeks between tracking it down and getting it.... Cost me $1,350.00 which included freight from Melbourne to Sydney.

    I know ASV in Sydney had one at the time for about the same money but it come with no papers althought they did offer a 6 month "parts only" guarantee....which wasn't worth the risk IMHO.....

    Let us know how you go....
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