R19 Phase 1 Bumper
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    Default R19 Phase 1 Bumper

    Looking for a Phase 1 R19 Chamade bumper.
    Found out today why my chamade looks strange from the front someone fitted it with a Toyota Corolla Bumper ( cheap bingle repair ).
    I dont want it dont like it and wont have it HELP!!!!!!!!

    I have a Left wing in mint condition I would be happy to trade or can anyone tell me if the phase 2 bonnet H lights and bumper will fit a Phase 1
    thanks Don


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    Hi, a new bumper is a bit over $500 plus painting. Some damaged ones can be repaired.
    The phase II bonnet will fit i think, because the fenders are the same. But then you need all the other front stuff. Not sure if all the right mounting points are there but it should not be difficult making adjustments as required.
    Good Luck

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