1995 405 SRDT Speedline wheel
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    Default 1995 405 SRDT Speedline wheel

    WANTED (1) Speedline alloy wheel to match original set dealer fitted to my 405 new in '95. Size 6J x 14CH-4-74. PCD108 x 4 stud. Offset is approx 24mm and hub centre hole is 65mm. Marked SL 828- presumably a Speedline model no. Wheel is 5 spoked with double tapering ridges on each spoke. (If you have one you will recognize it!) and has a clip on alloy trim which covers the studs. I still have the trim etc. but of course would take what ever was offered to make a deal. One of my wheels has developed a crack and there never was a matching spare so I am looking at another wheel (or two) the same (tall order) or a complete set of something else if there is no alternative.
    Thanks Don Please Ph. 0417774398

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