20% one-time discount offer
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    Default 20% one-time discount offer

    Not bad at all if the price is okay to start with...

    Super Cheap Auto have a website where you can sign up to get their catalogues e.mailed to you.


    When you do, a page comes up (and they send you an e.mail...), and you print out one or the other and you have about three weeks to use it at one of their stores.

    It's a discount voucher giving you 20% off anything in the store. And at this stage (I think it's a new thing...) the 20% comes off their specials as well.

    Just a tip to help out those after the many things they can get at Super Cheap Auto. Go to www.supercheapauto.com ... but don't log in until you have a big purchase to make.

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    Default supa deal

    Thanks Ray for the tip. I needed to restock oils, brake fluids, plugs and shockers so it was more than timely. The young bloke didn't know what to do with the printout so had to ring the main branch: meanwhile all those in the queue behind were also interested so we had a lesson in internet access to their web page.

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