Rear Trailing Arms for Renault 12
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    Default Rear Trailing Arms for Renault 12

    Does anyone have a suggestion for where I can source some rear trailing arms for a 1973 Renault 12 (R1170)? The bushes on mine are dead and I have a horrible feeling that I will have trouble passing the RWC with them as they stand. They don't do much in terms of the car but they are noisy even at slow speeds.


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    Are you sure it is the trailing arms? The shock absorbers (front and rear) can set up a bit of a racket at times as the car goes along on a 12 (normal condition even when new).

    If the bushes are obviously worn, Caravelle Imports, Box Hill, Melbourne Victoria will be able to help out. The trailing arm comes as a whole with non-replaceable bushes, and replace both sides at one time.

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