Hi all,

I've just received a company car and rather than selling of the trusty 505, I realised that I now have the perfect opportunity to spend a lot more time working on getting my 83 505 STI (that is already in pretty good nick) back to, or near to, what it was like as a new car.

I'd prefer to have all exterior trimming, bumpers e.t.c restored to new. Interior doesn't need to much apart from a bit of reconditioning.
I've already got the 15" GTI rims, new tyres and am currently having some pretty major mechanical work done on it.

Can anyone suggest and good parts suppliers, panel shops/spray painters, reconditioners in or around the Melbourne area??

Not looking to do a total strip down and rebuild as I would like to keep the car on the road for the moment.

Any and all help would be much appreciated.