Wanted- SII 505 GTI workshop manual
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    Default Wanted- SII 505 GTI workshop manual

    Wanted- SII 505 GTI workshop manual.
    I will give my right arm to get both hands on a professional workshop manual.
    I do not want one of those Haynes door stops. I also do not want anything written in Syrian or languages other than English, (which I still struggle with).
    Can anyone help.

    /// 1986 SII 505 GTI
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    Hi Gamma,
    Welcome. Have you tried e-bay?? There is always a few in the US. Also, there are some manuals on cd, usually under $20. I think one of these would be good as you could print out the pages you want and go handle them with greasy hands and all, and toss them out after the jobs done, and not wreck an expensive manual.

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