Free CX parts. (Brisbane)
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    Default Free CX parts. (Brisbane)

    Hi All,

    I'm parting out a Citroen CX Semi-auto c-matic late 70's car.

    The body has fairly bad cancer in the A frames and front windscreen and misc other places. I dissasambled the car a number of years ago with the intention of a rebuild but have moved on.

    I need the room that it now occupies and will be sending it to the wreckers towards the end of November. I thought I would throw open the offer to anyone to strip parts of it. What's available...

    4 doors with power windows (working) and good glass. (No interior Trim)
    All rear glass.
    Good tail lights.
    Good Front and rear bumper.
    AC system - Rear and front plus good compressor.
    Good radiator.
    C-matic with new selenoid.
    Rear suspension.
    Steering system.
    All pipes.
    Engine and transmission.
    Good CVs.
    Front Bonnet is good.

    I basically plan to strip out the front suspension and bushes before I send it away as WH's 2400 GTI could use them, and I had the front end completely rebuit about two months before pulling the car off the road. ($2k GRRR).

    WH also has dibs on the newly rebuilt 7 piston pump and front regulator.

    WH will probably also get the interior.


    Any takers for the other parts?

    If so, send me an email and I will give you my details.

    I am in Norman Park. This weekend would be a good time for me.
    Evening may be possible too.

    I have an engine crane and most tools - however, if somebody wants to yank the drivetrain, you will need your own 34 or 35mm socket to remove the front wheel nut.


    Carl Berggren

    [email protected]
    0409 260 004
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