Wanted 505 driveshaft & disk RHSide (in Melb??)
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    Default Wanted 505 driveshaft & disk RHSide (in Melb??)

    We need a drivers side 505 driveshaft & disk for our faithful old 505GR.
    We normally use her when everything else in the fleet is broken - but this time she has decided to play up and the inner CV is clunking real bad and shaking the car!!

    Has anyone got one to spare, preferably in Melbourne? (It will save me going out to pick-a-part again, wifes gettin suspicious!)


    Usually driveshafts are not saved when Pugs are junked (except 604s) & I havent ever heard of one breaking before - just my luck.

    Peter - send me a PM or ring O3 9637-4578
    So many projects - so little time.

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    604 and 505 drive shafts are the same length, the only difference is the hub which can be changed from one to the other by undoing the nut on the disc side.

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