Wanted to buy ... Citroen GS window winder handles
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    Default Wanted to buy ... Citroen GS window winder handles

    If anyone one can help out please reply here or pm me...cheers


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    I have a few secondhand ones around that haven't lost their spine teeth, do you need the plastic spacer between the handle and the door trim , also the spring between the door and the inner trim ?

    I can post from WA.

    $5 each 2nd hand winder handles add a couple of dollars for spring and plastic spacer ($7 each)

    If you want to get extravagant I have 4 Brand new ones never fitted to a car, but they are gonna be reasonable money, Chevronic want ridiculous money for them, me $20 each

    PS. I have large amounts of brand new GS stuff, and lots of 2nd hand.
    Also Just listed some D series recon spheres and all model Accumulators on the bay with a D front indicator and rear brake light pallas assembly to test the water, if it works in my favor I will list some more and maybe include some GS stuff to pad out the listings

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