Want to buy a 405 SRDT or for parts in Brisbane
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Thread: Want to buy a 405 SRDT or for parts in Brisbane

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    Default WTB any non-HDi diesel 1990-2005

    I'm looking for a pre-HDi (XUD engine) diesel car, but they're getting to that age where nobody bothers advertising them.

    I want a bit more torque for my 2001 Berlingo, so any of the following models would be a good donor car:


    I think I'll be ok with the swap from a legal standpoint since the 1.9L XUD9A was a stock option for the 2001 Berlingo in Europe, so it shouldn't need an engineer's certificate. If you've just crashed your XUD car or have one growing vines in your paddock, let me know. If I get my hands on one I'll update this post, so even if it's been a while since I posted this, don't consider me uninterested.

    Changed to ask for any XUD model rather than just 405. Any chance a mod could update the thread title to match this posts's title?
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    Great engine for a Berlingo, however 405 diesel has drum rear brakes.

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