Iíve got a few spare parts lying around for anyone interested.


1x set of 4 early 307 5 spoke 16Ē mags, mags in immaculate condition- no scuff marks whatsoever. Have tyres on them, 2 are beyond use, 2 may just slip in. $300
1x set of T6 307 2.0 hdi 16Ē mags, mags have been damaged whilst having tyres fitted and balanced so present with scuff marks around the out edge, not deep like kept damage. Also have tyres fitted which are usable. $250
2x sets of tail lights from Series 2 Mi16, good condition. $50 a pair
2x sets of headlights from Series 2 Mi16, good condition. $50 a pair
2x Mi16 rear spoiler, one white and one black, paint is average. $50 each
1x Mi16 Series 2 radiator. Negotiable, car wasnít running when purchased as had snapped a timing chain so canít vouch for condition but wasnít known to overheat/leak.

Located Lismore, North NSW
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