WTB Muffler for 1961 Renault 750
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    Default WTB Muffler for 1961 Renault 750

    I need a reasonable muffler for my renault 750 with no holes or serious rust that i can use on the road.I am located in Western Australia.


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    Der Franzose and Melun Rétro have them. Usually take about 2-4 weeks to get stuff out ( record being 3 days from Melun Rétro )

    They also have engine pipes labelled as for the later 4CV, this is a bit that might be more of a pain to get from a local exhaust joint than a muffler.

    I am looking at them for a muffler too, the only thing is that they are labelled as <'57 but look pretty much the same as the one on my car, so I am not sure whether I'm missing something. Wiser heads may be able to help here.

    Any good exhaust place could do you a 'hot dog' muffler across the back which would work, although not entirely original - am also contemplating this for mine.

    Good luck


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    I just received one from Bretagne Auto Retro in France. Newly manufactured. Looks fine.

    If you need the exhaust pipe, don't forget that the late ones have a larger manifold fitting than the very early ones.

    That 3-day delivery might just take the prize for something from Europe. It's much faster than Australia post across Australia. Longstone tyres do pretty well too.



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