WTB Early 505 wagon
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    Default WTB Early 505 wagon

    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for a dead early 505 wagon.
    I want to cut the floor & transmission tunnel out.
    Preferably local, I'm in metro Melbourne.
    So if you need to create some more space in the backyard, I have trailer ready to help.


    Cheers Dale

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    There is a 505 SLi wagon at Savernake, north of Yarrawonga, It has been stripped of mechanicals by us so ready to cut the floor out. It is a series 2 but had a pushrod engine and 3 speed auto, early enough? I assume it is the 4 speed auto version you don't want?
    You will need battery tools, get in touch with me for details and contacts. Easy trip up and back in a day. Free of charge.

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