WTD - ignition switch D8 406
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    Default WTD - ignition switch D8 406

    I'm looking for an ignition switch for my 406 - mine appears to have shorted and jammed. I'd prefer new given their apparent likeliihood of failure due to the heater blower issue, however my highest priority is to buy one from somewhere in Australia, so I'll take a 2nd hand one as long as isn't already melted

    The required part number is 9926 Y1 according to service box.

    The usual new parts suppliers have turned up nothing for me on this one, though EAI offered to order me one from France, with a possible 2-3 month wait I'd like to drive my car again sooner.

    1999 406SV (D8)
    1986 BX19GT

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    I have a new 406 D8 lock with key, never installed
    send your email and i can send a photo

    cheers C

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