WTB: Citroen BX Series 1 air intake duct
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    Default WTB: Citroen BX Series 1 air intake duct

    Hi all,

    Looking for the duct / pipe assembly that runs from the air cleaner to the carburettor inlet for my Series 1 BX19 GT.
    This may or may not be the same part used on the S1 BX16, but certainly doesn't appear on the S2 injected cars. Also different from that used on the Pug 205si.

    I am in Central Vic but happy to pay for the part + shipping as it wouldn't be especially heavy to post. If anyone happens to have other S1 GT parts I may be interested in a few other bits (mostly interior trim), but that would depend more on location also.



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    Hi Samuel

    I have a complete S1 BX GT19 at my property in Young.

    Sadly I think it is beyond saving
    Still runs and drives fine
    Interior still quite "good" except crappy dash
    Mechanically really good
    Body no so good..
    Whole car free to who ever can take it away and make good use of the parts..

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