505 bits for roady
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    Default 505 bits for roady

    Hi all,
    I'm needing to replace the following to get ticked off for a roady,
    Front brake lines, mine are starting to craze (i have a big brake kit with new braided lines to go on, but must present it with original stuff, otherwise i would buy new)
    Rear ARB links
    Drivers seat belt, mine if a little frayed, so need a good example to swap in.
    The windscreen has been knocked back, so if someone knows a quality supplier that may have them, get at me.


    Thanks all,
    Current -
    65' 404 Sedan,
    88' 205 GTI/16V
    92' 505 Custom Turbo Wagon
    92' 205 SI
    88' 505 GTI Wagon - PARTING OUT PM ME

    Gone -
    04' 206 RC (GTI180)
    2 X 405 STI,
    405 MI16
    98' 406 Coupe
    406 2l
    91' 205 SI
    306 Style,
    3 X 306 GTI6

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    I encourage you to hunt around....you may be pleasantly surprised.

    Here in Brisbane, windscreen places wanted $500 or more for a Peugeot 505 screen, but I Googled "economy windscreens Brisbane", bought one for under $200 and fitted it myself. The guy there used to work for Windscreens O'Brien and said he sources them from the same place they do.

    Fitting one without cracking it is not too difficult. Pulling one out of a wreck without cracking it is much more difficult. I did it once and failed another time.
    Basically they are two thin pieces of glass stuck together. QUITE thin !
    The callout fee for a mobile guy to fit it may be worth your while.

    I later got one fitted to my 406 by the same place who sent a mobile guy out. It is a different type of fitment involving heat-activated sealant. Can't remember the callout fee but it was reasonable.

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    National Windscreens should be under $200 take away. They say they only supply and fit but when you complain they put you through to someone else who can give you a take away price. My 404 screen was $150 picked up from Ringwood.

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    Hi Cal: Second Graham's remarks re National Windscreens. I had to get the 505's replaced for RWC also. Supplied, fitted, DONE!
    $280 all up but that was a couple of years ago. Certainly worth ringing and getting a quote, especially if you want to fit it yourself. They certainly left the others in the shade price wise. Who wants the hassle of fitting windscreens anyway? Yes ,mate and I have done it but much simpler to negotiate a discount! ��

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