WTD 403 gear lever bolt/linkage and back plate
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    Default WTD 403 gear lever bolt/linkage and back plate

    Hi All

    Im not sure the exact name but Im after the back plate and bolt that sits behind the steering wheel and has the bolt stewed into it for the gear lever linkage. The thread on both the bolt /linkage and back back plate are stuffed. This means I can't get into 4th gear. sorry for the bad description, I will try get some pics over the weekend if you don't understand what I mean.

    If someone has the parts Im after please PM, ring or message me. 0415 911 096.


    thanks Josh

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    pm'd you think i can help
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    I had one new set that I sold recently, as I said at the time these can be a problem. I may have a used one if Tok can't come up with anything.I have the starter that you wanted, give me a call, didn't hear from you today.

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