I have a couple of manual 405 SRis S2 for sale. These are a brilliant car, much underrated but I have a 205 road car now and will probably buy Murray's 504 wagon as a tow car so not needed. First one is in near perfect condtiton body wise, great light blue metallic, no fading, looks like it may have had a high class respray but could also be original. Rebuilt gearshift. Clutch will need doing sometime but works OK at present, needs exhaust work (intermediate pipe), can supply new rear muffler, rack boot and strut tops. I can do all this for extra except for the clutch, lacking in enthusiasm for that particular job! Low kms, less than 200k, nothing for these cars. $1000 as is. Would be a brilliant car for around $2700 all up with 12 months reg and new tyres.
Also have another exactly the same but paint has defects. No issues apart from rattly exhaust and strut tops. $300 as is.