WTB: Virage heater tap
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    Default WTB: Virage heater tap

    Hi all, have just had hoses and radiator replaced on my Virage and have found the heater tap leaking. It has one hose going in and 2 coming out. Not sure if it's the same as the older 12s (I suspect not) but I don't have one so if anyone has one they're willing to part with that would be great.

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    The heater tap on the Virage is not the same as the early R12's.
    The Virage tap is near the nearside strut tower while the R12 is in the plenum.

    This is the Virage tap.WTB: Virage heater tap-pr1012.95.90.jpg

    I might have one at home but I won't be able to check until the weekend.

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