Ducellier Alternator and Regulator for DS for sale
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    Default Ducellier Alternator and Regulator for DS for sale

    I have a 7558B 50A Ducellier alternator and a Ducellier 8374A regulator for sale, I recently had fun and games getting my wiring sorted and went for another alternator with inbuilt regulator as I wrestled the issue. The alternator has been refurbished, it ha the 2 pulleys, the pulleys and fan recoated with yellow zinc process, the body cleaned and resprayed. The regulator is new old stock. Both tested and work correctly. (although an auto electrician tried to tell me they didn't which turned out to be utter rubbish..I think he was gunning for a fleece job!)

    I also have a Paris Rhone alternator sitting around which works too. Needs a clean up possibly. (asking what I paid $70)

    The Alternator $250
    The Regulator $100

    or Both $300

    pm if interested,




    Ducellier Alternator and Regulator for DS for sale-3c2453f6-3d89-4ce7-9cb8-a9708854d45f.jpg
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