505 Wagon part out
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    Default 505 Wagon part out

    I have a 88" manual 505 Wagon that I fear is now beyond anyone's desire to save, It has 470 on the clock, and still goes well, I just got back from a round trip from Melbourne to Bathurst via Sydney however the front shocks are done, it has a few small oil drops, and can be a little stubborn into 2nd. the body is not too bad, but has very small sections of rust under the rear windows.

    If someone has the desire to take it on and breath life into it come and grab it for $400.
    I am limited on space now with two cars coming home.

    Otherwise, given that I have another, there is value in me retaining a few bits for my car and as long as i can recover my time to part it, it may help others keep there cars on the road for another 25+ years.

    I'd like to keep the engine and a few other small bits, but let me know if there is interest in anything else.
    Good bits worth mention, the LSD diff/rear was replaced and is good, no weirdness at all, Blue interior is pretty good, door cards particularly, drivers seat is stuffed though. mostly good plastics. GTI wheels with decent rubber, ignition/fuel system all good, Gearbox is quite, and seems only in need of a synchros for 2nd


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    I'd be very interested in an alternator if you have one.

    Maybe this is the last time I'll have to fix it...

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