EOI: 205 Brake Reservior Seals
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    Default EOI: 205 Brake Reservior Seals

    Hey Frogs,

    Sorry the late notice but I am ordering some replica, water-jet cut 205 brake reservoir seals from a chap in the UK 205GTI NFP | The solution to Peugeot parts no longer in production. Hoping to get a price by Friday and order them then, not sure of lead time. Should be about $5 each.

    If anybody is interested please let me know by Friday, as I will be away until the 22nd. Not looking to make a profit, just recoup the postage and help fellow froggers. Both my 205s had broken seals and leaked brake fluid on to the firewall, so it is cheap insurance to replace.



    Edit: this for the cap, not the two that seal the reservoir to the cylinder
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    I'm interested

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