AL4 Gearbox Citroen C5 Petrol wanted
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Thread: AL4 Gearbox Citroen C5 Petrol wanted

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    Default AL4 Gearbox Citroen C5 Petrol wanted

    It`s seems that my gearbox needs replacing.
    If there is a gearbox out there somewhere that will match my 2003 Citroen 2lt 16v petrol.
    I will do some homework on the possible replacement cost. If I can find someone on the Tweed / Gold coast
    who can exchange it for a reasonable price.


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    Have you seen my thread here?
    03 Citroen C5 2.0 HDI auto HELP

    It's extremely long winded now, but a guy named Tony in South West Brisbane was able to help me with my AL4

    There are also links to Chinese wholesalers supplying parts and whole gearboxes.

    Good luck!
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    i have a good transmission with 95,000 kms cheap just pm me, i can also get cheap freight to you

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    Hi Toby,

    Sorry I did not see your reply until today. Yes I have made 3 trips to Tony`s place in Brizy.
    1st trip I could drive there, leave the car for a few days, train back up to pick it up, but it did not want to go,
    so train home again, then borrow a Land Cruiser plus hire a trailer to bring her home.

    Tony was confident that he could do for me as he did for you, but unfortunately my gearbox is beyond repair
    without removal of box, rebuilding & replacing.
    So now I have dropped it off at a Transmission place at Currumbin where they have a second hand box is now on it`s way
    at a big cost. 1st try was a box with unknown ks on it was rejected when oil in it was very black. 2nd box has only 62 k on
    a car that has been side swiped if it fits as it`s a 2006 model.

    My thanks to Tony for his hard work to help me out.
    Now I see a reply of another box probably a lot cheeper that I`m paying.
    But still I would have to pay for the labour to change over box.

    thanks for the reply & interest
    regards Keith
    ps maybe if & when I manage to get my car back on the road you are just down the road (30 mins) we
    could meet up and compair stories of our c5s.

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