Hi all,

I have had a new (old, but not used) cast alloy Alpine sump sitting around for a long time now and have absolutely no use for it as it won't fir the 12 or 17. It was an ebay purchase many years ago when I had a 16TS and was yet to discover that most of the floor and other various structural areas were in fact just made of a bitumen paint and flakes of rust.

So, if you're lucky enough to own an A110 or run a 16 motor in your 8, 10, etc and you've always wanted the cast alloy sump but couldn't swallow the $600 damage from mecaparts (I didn't pay much less than that), then now is your opportunity to make me a moderately insulting offer on it.

PM me or call/text on 0409301594

CheersFS: Alpine Cast Alloy Baffled Sump-image-3-.jpgFS: Alpine Cast Alloy Baffled Sump-image-5-.jpgFS: Alpine Cast Alloy Baffled Sump-image-6-.jpgFS: Alpine Cast Alloy Baffled Sump-image-7-.jpgFS: Alpine Cast Alloy Baffled Sump-image-8-.jpg