WTD - Revenge of the French
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Thread: WTD - Revenge of the French

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    Default WTD - Revenge of the French

    WTD. Tyres to suit 195/60 TRX wheels on a 1985 Peugeot 505 GTi. Would also consider the purchase of hen's teeth and suitably packaged rocking horse manure.


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    505 GTIs normally have 15 inch wheels, not metric TRXs, and 195/60 is the normal size for the 15s. Seems strange that you would have TRX wheels. Both types look the same...
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    There are two types of TRX Tyres. One type were for the diesel cars with TRX wheels, the others for the STI vehicles. The difference was tread width, or number of rows of tread. I have two of the diesel types on rims, I also have some cases ready for retreading- if you know of anyone who can do that. The tyres are old though
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    You can buy Michelin T R X tyres as part of their historic range but at $400 each last time I checked a few years ago it's a pretty expensive option. As has been said GTi's normally come with !5" wheels and most STi owners who had TRX wheels simply upgraded to the 15" ones which gives availability of many more far cheaper tyres, E.G. I currently run Yokahama "C" Drive 2's which cost me $140 each. You can normally pick up 15" wheels fairly easily and cheaply.

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