1.9L diesil for wrecking, bent valve - Belgrave, Vic
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    Icon1 1.9L diesil for wrecking, bent valve - Belgrave, Vic

    SO.... I have realised that my initial value on my engine was a little over the top. Sorry about that guys. I have adjusted the price to something a little more respectable...

    I have a 1.9L 306 diesel engine and gearbox combo from a 306 hatchback that needs a new home. Seems that there was an error made by the previous owners mechanic which led to a bent valve 4 months ago. Was running a little rough but otherwise flawless until it finally contacted 4 months ago after what appears to have been a belt slip. I think it's cylinder 2 or 3 (checked when it first happened but I've forgotten now) but engine is otherwise in good condition.

    Gear box is fine, turbo is a no go (some little aluminium pellets have now made it their home, might work if cleaned out?). The engine was clean and running very well up until this little incident. Didn't clean it for the pictures, just straight out of the engine bay. Oil is drained, doesn't come with the fuel pump/sprocket as these are on the new engine now. Will throw in the various other accessories I have pulled off if you like. Happy to sell gear box ($250) separate but prefer whole lot to go. Clean unit, I haven't cleaned it for the picture, just took it straight out. Whole unit $300 ono. Happy to negotiate price.


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