Wreaking S1 405mi16 NSW
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    Default Wreaking S1 405mi16 NSW

    Hey guys the time has come to get rid of the 405 mi16 its complete and still drives( if the battery is not flat).

    I don't really have any idea on prices for things so make a offer on what you want. Or will swap for 205gti parts to get the rally car finished.

    I will be keeping the engine for my 205 (If I get a decent offer I could sell it) that is the only thing I am keeping. The tyres are really good and only have about 5 to 8000kms on them, they are on the 15" rims that are also in good condition. It also has a sports exhaust.

    It is white and has leather interior. If there is anything you would like or a photo just let me know and ill get it to you.

    The car is located on the central coast NSW just 1 hour north of Sydney (can take parts to Artarmon as that's where I work).

    Cheers Jason.


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    Hi Jason, I just bought one for 600 driving with rego......ounce you get the motor out I would give you 350 for the rest, Ill come and remove for you....what do you think, I live on the central coast, I wont muck you around, soon as its ready I would take that day so its not hanging around, Cheers Wayne 0414183803

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    I was going to ask for one of power steering lines.. The one from the pump to the rack.

    May I?

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