Hi all been away fro a while (previously under the moniker of Genteel Chap)

Recently acquired a GTi6 and wanting to get it looking schmick.

I need the following off a 306 ('97 GTi6)

1. Badge off the rear hatch (pre-n5 update, so that would be pre-Aug 99 by my reconing b/c they made it bigger later on...?)


2. Chrome plastic square trim from the outside of the front badge (I know, I'm just after the outside trim, if you've got a whole badge and don't want to split up, I'll consider)

3. RH side indicator that sits in the middle of the front quarter panel (it's the latter more rounded lens, earlier 306s had a squarer one from my research)

4. Front Seats (x2) - must be god cond and not smell like smoke (I know, I'm pickey)

5. Rear view mirror - no splodges / imperfections in glass (as I already have that)

Possibly more (mechanicals) to come.... speaking of anyone in Melb considering selling a (new/used) Quaif LSD? Better still can supply AND fit one for me?