We are moving house in about 4 weeks after 18 years at this address. Skip is outside and waiting for all of that 'I might use it oneday stuff' ...

I have a set of 4 Delta mags for a CX. Complete with wheel bolts. Good useable condition. Free to anyone who wants them. Send me a PM if you are interested. Must be claimed this weekend or they will go in the skip. Must be picked up from Algester before we move.


Also 4 steel wheels with old tyres. 1 rim has significant rust, 1 rim small amount of rust, 2 in VGC. I think it is unlikely that anyone will want these but let me know if you have a use for them.

Skip will be picked up Tuesday. If I find any other gems, I will add them.

Free. Brisbane. CX Delta Mags-cxdeltamag.jpg