Super Sprints at Winton
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    Default Super Sprints at Winton

    Saturday 10th was a great day at Winton, the weather was cold but remained dry until after the cars were back on the trailer.

    Unfortunately, mine was the only French car on the track. During scrutineering the guys told me that they followed me up the road the pervious night, but couldn't figure out what the car was.

    The car stood up to another day of thrashing - really gets peoples attention when the car goes past screaming at 7500rpm.


    I am having a problem though, every now and then, the electrical system shuts down. Turn the key off and back on and away it goes again - guessing there is a dodgy relay somewhere, will work it out this week.

    Best time for the day was 1:51:28. Not overly quick, but not too bad for my first look at the Winton track.

    Amazed at how fast some of the 1.5l Hyundai Excels are, but then I found out one of them has a huge cam and massive single throttle body making 125kW at the wheels - he should still be quicker than me.

    Mates in V8 Falcon and Commodor were 3 to 5 seconds a lap faster than me, determined to spin my new engine together next week end and go looking for that 250hp.

    Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting on a great day. It was a well run event with a great atmosphere.
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    I really like the track itself. The grass won't slow you down though, watch out.
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    This post brought back good memories I first competed at Winton in 1975 on the original short track in my 956cc R8 with a Thomas cam and twin SU carbs was 3rd in under 1300 class the last time was 2004 on the then new long track with the R10 Sport sedan R16 motor wade cam Toyota Supercharger 350 holley carb sure is a nice track to drive on.
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