Australia does well at Indonesian A1
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    Default Australia does well at Indonesian A1

    Watched the A1 GP today in Indonesia.

    Seems that Australia has done well with their new driver Marcus Marshall. He did a weak run in the Champ series this year. They dropped him like a rock a day after the Gold Coast Indy 300.

    But he has done well today. In the first sprint race he went poorly, had a minor off track excursion in the first lap. Dropped back to second last, then just sort of coasted through that race. He finished 5th last but not through passing, more the bad luck of others.

    In the second race he went much better. Good pit strategy and simply good clean racing.


    Finished third!

    The next race is in Mexico which he has raced in Champ cars last year so he might do well again. If you can, try to watch that race, the track is a visual feast. Built around a closed steel mill, big old industrial buildings and smokestacks looks like something out of a video game.
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    I think it was mainly down to Safety Cars intervening that the results of the feature race were the way they were. Canada and Australia didn't show that kind of pace all weekend, and Malaysia weren't that flash either.

    Glad that Jones is out of the car though, whether Marshall is any better we will have to wait and see (I'd think he would be a lot better).
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    Australia does well at Indonesian A1

    Can't say the same about the drug industry
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