The Ampol Rerun is coming together well and will be a great adventure.
However, a problem at the moment is a lack of navigators/codrivers who can afford the time off to take part.
If anyone would like to take part in the adventure of a lifetime between 23rd of April and the 21st of May please contact me.
The first or second two week period would also be OK, the half way is Albury so it will be easy to start or finish there.
This is the ultimate Touring Road Event and the last of its type, three years in the making and 10000km long starting and finishing in Sydney and following the route of the 1958 Ampol Trial.
There are 20 speed sub events and a similar number of road and non speed sub events.
The route will consist of basic navigation with the odd interesting via, this will be spread over the entire course, no high pressure navigational sub events this time.
There are also adventure drives, publicity oriented public control points and social functions.
Many of the sports legends will either be competing or coming out to say hello.
In nearly all cases you will be arriving at your overnight destination by late afternoon, this event is all about enjoyment.

We can also accept complete entries up until the end of this month, cars need to be pre 1970.

Graham Wallis