A1GP South Africa *spoilers*
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    Default A1GP South Africa *spoilers*

    Hope you all watched the race on Sunday. If not, catch it on channel 10 this week.


    The sprint race was fairly tame to begin with, but what an ending!! The feature race was more exciting and had an even better finish than the first race. A must watch if you're a fan of the series.
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    I saw all the sprint race and some of the feature race...

    Good to see Jos getting up to his old tricks again!
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    I've gone off A1 a bit. I was a big fan of it in the beginning and I went to the Australian round at Eastern Creek. But something needs to be done about the sports profile. F3000, Formula Nippon, and various other racing contracts take priority for many potential A1 drivers.

    I know some teams have good drivers, but other teams lose out and don't have the best their country can offer, due to the sport just not having the presteige or profile over other categories.

    Having said that, it has some very good racing and driving on display and watching those cars record their record lap times at the creek was awsome...but it just doesn't have the excitement of Formula One.
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