Patsy Mc Cracken (Hills) passed away
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    Default Patsy Mc Cracken (Hills) passed away

    Patsy-known to most as Patsy Hills, long time Secretary of WA Sporting Car Club passed away afetr long illness on Saturday.
    Long time partner of Max Mc Cracken who helped with Patsy design and establish Wanneroo Circuit.
    Also State Secretary of CAMS

    I think drivers and entrants, officials, and verybody associated with motor sport in WA would have an anecdote about Patsy.

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    Yes, I remember her as Patsy Hills.

    If I remember correctly, she was the mainstay of the WASCC through the late sixties, and was probably one of the team that got the Wanneroo circuit built and operational. She was also somewhat autocratic, but those are the people that keep these clubs going, aren't they. Good on her.


    Edit: Sorry, you already said about Wanneroo, why didn't I notice that when I came back to put in a reply??
    Edit 2: Ah, that's because you didn't say that in the first post in Froggy Chat - I'm not going mad after all. Cheers.
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