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    Default Michelin F1 tyres

    Who ever told here after Indianapolis that Michelin tyres suck, has no professional view on the things.

    This year Michelin provided tyres for 7 teams.
    Next year it could be 8, since eight teams have asked partnership with Michelin for 2006. Although Michelin wants that Bridgestone would have more teams and the tyre battle would be more balanced.


    If Michelin tyres are so bad why 8/10 teams want those?

    "[20/07/05 - 16:50]

    A better balance between tyre manufacturers?
    An eighth team asked for a Michelin partnership...

    Michelin ready to supply less teams in '06

    Since its return to Formula One, Michelin has noticed a strong imbalance in its favour; 7 teams having requested Michelin to provide tyres to them. This tendency has continued since an eighth team has now asked Michelin for a partnership agreement.

    Michelin is obviously delighted by the confidence this demonstrates, both in the positive appreciation of its products by its partners and also in the recognition of its policy of treating all its partners equally.

    However, this situation does not help the development of long-term competition between tyre manufacturers; a principle to which Michelin is firmly committed.

    As Michelin Chairman and CEO, Edouard Michelin has often reiterated: “Formula One must remain the marvellous technological showcase that it is, thus allowing the world’s automobile players to compete, whilst offering a true show for the fans, as well as providing benefits within the automotive industry. It is with this in mind that tyre manufacturers must be able to make their own contribution towards improving the performances of the teams they supply. This supposes that there be at least two tyre manufacturers involved, maybe even more.”

    Michelin is therefore completely open to allowing for a more balanced split of teams among tyre manufacturers, starting as early as the 2006 season.

    Furthermore, as Michelin has often stated, it remains fully in favour of working on adapting the regulations relating to tyres in the F1 environment, with a view to better cost-control, improving safety and to continuing to develop exciting racing for the fans.

    Press release

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    I believe Bridgestone has been hindered partly due to just having one strong team developing their tyres. I mean Ferrari probably test more in a month then the other Bridgestone runners do in the entire year! No doubt Michelin may be placing more resources and may be more adventurous in their product developement, leading to better product. But I stongly believe if Toyota and Williams do move to the Japanese camp, the field will again be more even.

    Here's my for next year, but Toyota minght just be temped to jump ship as well... they are japanese after all.

    Stronger teams - Ferreri, Williams (clearly need a change to jump the other teams on michelin)
    Weaker teams - Red Bull (ferrari powered....), Minardi (no where to go)

    Stronger teams - McLaren, Renault, Sauber, BAR, Toyota
    Weaker teams- Midland (wherever Toyota goes)

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